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Unbound Freedom | Healing | Belonging | Therapy | Prayer

Unbound Conference

Fri evening 11 May - Saturday 12 May 2018

What is the Unbound Conference?

Unbound is one of the prayer ministries undertaken by Freedom Team St Albans Diocese for people in the diocese - the Unbound Conference is to help people to learn about the 5 Keys of Unbound, apply them to your life and also how to receive this type of prayer.

Have you ever felt stuck, or unable to move forward and experience the love, freedom and life Jesus talks about?
Unbound Conference 2014 participants
The teaching of Unbound at the Conference, together with prayer ministry empowers people to take hold of the freedom they have been given in Christ.

Unbound is a 'freedom prayer' ministry that focuses on the person.

It is a safe, gentle, model of prayer ministry that helps people to respond to the good news of the gospel and apply the truth to their lives using Five Keys.

By using the Five Keys in individual prayer sessions and in personal prayer, people experience freedom from spiritual oppression and the influence of deception and untrue things they may have accepted about themselves. We call these 'lies that bind', and encourage people to embrace the reality that they are known and loved by the Father. Unbound Prayer often brings inner healing.
Who is the Unbound Conference for?

Each of us is created in God’s image, unique and precious to Him. Unbound prayer helps identify what is holding us back from becoming all that God created us to be, and helps us to walk into that freedom.

Anyone struggling with the same sin again and again

Anyone frustrated with their spiritual growth

Anyone who feels hopeless about finding freedom

Anyone who wants to tap into the power of the Gospel

Anyone stuck with negative patterns of thinking

Anyone wanting freedom from the past

Clergy and counsellors who desire a greater understanding of the hidden negative influences in people’s lives

There will be some opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry at the conference on a limited basis.

You can also make an appointment for prayer ministry at another time after the conference.
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The Unbound Conference is offered from time to time
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The Five Keys:

  1. repentance and faith
  2. forgiveness
  3. renunciation
  4. authority
  5. the Father’s Blessing

Unbound is one of the ministries practiced by the House of Mercy - Freedom Team operating within the Church of England Diocese of St Albans

We cover Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Luton and Barnet

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